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If you have low vision, these screen magnifiers may help you use both a computer monitor and your television. Depending on the model chosen, these magnifiers fit a range of sizes from 11" to 19" with a magnification level of up to 3x. Screen sizes are defined in inches and determined by the diagonal width of the screen. A 21-inch computer or television therefore has a screen that measures 21 inches from top left to bottom right corner of the screen itself, not the monitor or cabinet, which will invariably be larger. Check each description carefully for complete information on magnification levels and screen sizes.

Screen Magnifiers

Reizen Fresnel Computer-Stand Magnifier

Reizen Fresnel Computer-Stand Magnifier

Item#: R-1790
Ideal for viewing an extensive field of things: books, puzzles, maps, telephone directories, drawing, etc. 1.7x magnification. Folds and stores flat when not in use; reduces risk of breakage and is...
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