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Talking Cube Clock

Hear time announced in clear male voice
Item#: 700360

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Product Features
  • Audible time report on demand and/or hourly
  • Male voice in English (with a British accent)
  • Easy to use and set with simple hi-contrast controls
  • Choice of alarm sounds plus snooze alarm
  • Uses 4 AA batteries (included)

The ultimate in simplicity, the Talking Cube Clock features a single large, high contrast yellow button on top that allows the blind user to easily hear the time announced. Time announcement is in a clear male voice in English with a British accent. The volume can be adjusted from low, up to a level that would be helpful to the hard of hearing.

Other features include a selectable hourly time announcement, choice of five alarm sounds and a snooze alarm. It also offers audible cues for setting and adjusting the clock. Open the back cover and inside are three tactile, bright yellow controls for setting (a square mode button, round set button and rotary volume control.)

This accessible bedside clock is a great choice for the blind and low vision user, as well as those with limited dexterity and other challenges that make it difficult to operate items with small buttons or complex functions.

- Best selling easy-to-use talking clock with clear natural, English male voice
- Contrasting, easy-to-use bright yellow function and speech buttons
- Optional hourly announcement in 12 hour mode (am/pm)
- Audible cues for setting and adjusting the clock
- Choice of five alarm sounds
- Snooze alarm (alarm sounds for one minute and then pauses for four minutes)
- Rotary volume control
- Supplied with four AA alkaline batteries
- Color: grey with yellow buttons
- Clock is cube-shaped with rounded corners
- One-Year Manufacturer's Limited Warranty

Dimensions - Width: 70mm (2.76"), Depth: 70mm (2.76"), Length: 70mm (2.76")
Product Weight: 9.0 oz. (with batteries installed)
Weight in Original Packaging: 10.6 oz.

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