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LEA NUMBERS Low Vision Book Chart - Top Bind
Tailored To Test The Visual Impaired
Item#: 602141

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Product Features

   Excellent for evaluating vision clarity
   Designed to examine children and adults who are severely visually impaired
   Includes testing for 10' (3 meters), 5' (1.5 meters) and for near vision at 16". (40 cm)
   Distance testing line sizes range from 20/1600 to 20/16 equivalent
   Near vision testing line sizes range from 20/800 to 20/16 equivalent

Product Description

Low vision booklet with LEA NUMBERS characters is designed for testing of severely visually impaired children and adults.

The LEA NUMBERS low vision booklet can be purchased with binding either on the left side or top.

When comparing visual acuity results with ETDRS, study results suggest the LEA Numbers Low Vision Book has a slight advantage over the Feinbloom chart when testing individuals with vision impairment.

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