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ColorMouse-RM CCTV Magnifier- 13X with reverse video capability
Inexpensive CCTV magnifier that plugs into your TV
Item#: 602213

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Product Features

   Displays in Full Color, White on Black or Black on White
   Small size makes it portable and convenient- shaped like computer mouse
   Compatible with any TV using video input
   13X Magnification on a 20 TV
   Low Magnification Only

Product Description

High quality, simple and affordable Electronic Magnifier for people with low vision. The goal is simple: give back independence to people who have difficulty reading small print. With the aid of this ergonomic and easy to use product, people who suffer from low vision can enjoy reading everything from a favorite magazine to the latest author, and can easily view everyday items -- from food labels to prescription bottles. Its compact size - only slightly larger than a standard computer mouse - makes it very comfortable to handle. In addition to full color, RM (Reverse Mode) function gives you the option of viewing Black on White or White on Black. Compatible with any TV using video input (RCA connection.) Comes with 6 ft. easy store cable. Order yours today and bring the pleasure of reading into your life

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Quick Guide to Product Line:

MonoMouse: displays Black Type on White Screen
MonoMouse-RM: (Reverse Mode) gives option of Black on White or White on Black
ColorMouse: displays in Full Color
ColorMouse-RM: displays in Full Color, Black on White, or White on Black

Please Note: This item is subject to a 15 percent restocking fee on returns.

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