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Retractable Pen-Type Safety Stylus

Great for the Blind to Use When Writing Braille
Item#: 208706

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Product Features
  • Looks like a standard pen
  • Press button to extend or retract stylus
  • Keeps stylus safely stored when not in use
  • Built-in pocket clip
  • Measures: 5-3/8 long

The discreet Retractable Pen-Type Safety Stylus looks like a pen, but it has no ink. The sturdy metal stylus, with its blunt, rounded tip extends for use at the press of a button. This multi-purpose stylus will serve the blind writing Braille and anyone using a PDA or any other electronic device that calls for a stylus. It's also great for other uses such as setting watches or operating small devices.

Press the button again and it retracts back into the durable plastic pen case to prevent accidental pricking and for safe storage when not being used. Handy built-in pocket clip. Measures: 5-3/8 long. Color: White with black button and pocket clip.

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