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Hands-Free LED Illuminated 20x Loupe Magnifiers

For Magnification, Light & Hands-Free Convenience!
Item#: 603009

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Product Features
  • Eyeglass style hands free loupes
  • 20x magnifying power
  • Adjustable dual LED’s
  • Includes CR1620 batteries for LEDs

Hands-Free LED Illuminated 20x Loupe Magnifiers - The ultimate combination of magnification, light and hands-free convenience! Eyeglass-style illuminated loupe magnifiers can be a valuable tool that save you time and money and spare you countless hours of eyestrain and frustration. If you're a jeweler, a small parts repair professional, or simply enjoying a hobby that involves fine detail work, you'll want to check out these lighted magnifiers.

These magnifiers offer a little help for your lens:
At one time or another, we all could use some help seeing details more clearly with these low vision aids. Hands-Free 20x Loupes with Dual LEDs take magnification to the next level by not only providing a powerful 20-times boost, but also adding LED illumination for even greater image clarity - all in an eyeglass style frame that leaves your hands free to work or to hold tools and projects.

Here, There and Everywhere:
These hands-free magnifiers are the perfect complement to any home, office, toolbox or workshop. Great for a multitude of applications, including watch and jewelry repair, industrial use, small electronics assembly/repairs, auto repairs, printing/graphics, medical use, those with low vision and hobbies (coin and stamp collecting, needlework, model building, etc.).

Whatever Gets You Through the Night:
These low vision magnifiers are ideal for working the night shift or doing late-night projects in dimly lit settings can make seeing details extremely difficult. But, when lighting is poor, these lighted magnifying loupes really shine.

Hands-Free LED Illuminated 20x Loupe Magnifiers are equipped with adjustable dual LEDs that allow you to direct bright light exactly where you are looking, enhancing the details of the task you're focused on. Use them at night, in dim light, or any time you seek greater clarity. Plus, the two magnifying loupes can be pivoted up and out of the way independently of each other to accommodate your varying needs for any given project.

Of course, if lighting isn't an issue on a particular day, you can always keep the LEDs turned off. The powerful 20x magnifying loupes alone are worth the price of admission.

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