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iMerciv BuzzClip Wearable Mobility Aid for the Blind

Assistive device for the visually impaired
Item#: 150929

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Product Features
  • A wearable mobility tool for blind and vision impaired users to complement a cane or a guide dog
  • Vibrates to alert you of head-level obstacles which ground-level canes and guide dogs cannot detect
  • Uses ultrasound to detect obstacles that may lie directly in your path and vibrates to warn you to navigate around them
  • Rechargeable battery lasts up to 10 hours and is charged using a micro-USB cable and AC wall charger (both included)
  • Water-resistant but NOT waterproof— it will function perfectly in light rain but do not take showers or go swimming with it

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The iMerciv BuzzClip is a small and discreet, wearable mobility aid for people that are blind or partially sighted. It uses ultrasound to detect obstacles that are directly in your path and vibrates to warn you to navigate around them.

The BuzzClip offers essential head-level obstacle detection and can be easily attached to many forms of clothing, making it a highly versatile and useful device.
The BuzzClip is not a replacement for a cane but a complementary mobility tool. It is intended to be used in combination with a cane or a guide dog.
For those who frequently travel with a cane or a guide dog, the manufacturer recommends using the BuzzClip to address upper body and head level obstacles while the cane can address changes in elevation and lower obstacles.
The BuzzClip can also be used on its own when in familiar indoor environments and for people with partial sight who do not use a cane or a guide dog. Works with BuzzClip Cane Attachment— item 150930.

Fastening the BuzzClip:
— The main body and the vibrational arm always go under or between your clothing.
— Only the rounded top with the sensor and the buttons should be exposed on the outside of your clothing (i.e., on the lapel of a jacket, between the buttons on a shirt or blouse, on the rounded neck of a T-shirt, on the beltline, out of pockets, on the sleeves of a shirt, etc.).
— Always ensure that the sensor is exposed outwards and is not covered by anything so that you do not receive any false positive responses.
— Ensure that the sensor is as parallel to your body as possible. (For example: if you are wearing a buttoned-up shirt, make sure that the sensor is parallel to your chest and that it is not tilted to the left or right.)
— Ensure that you are able to operate both buttons on the BuzzClip from where you are wearing it.

— Read the instruction manual carefully before use.
— Do NOT clip the BuzzClip onto your skin or your hair.
— Do NOT use the BuzzClip while it is charging.
— Do NOT expose the BuzzClip to temperatures above 70 degrees Celsius (158 degrees Fahrenheit).
— Do NOT use it under -30 degrees Celsius (-22 degrees Fahrenheit).
— Do NOT submerge it into any liquid.
— Do NOT swim with your BuzzClip.
— Do NOT take showers with your BuzzClip.
— Do NOT clean it when the BuzzClip is turned on or being charged.
— Do NOT wash your BuzzClip with water.
— Do NOT clean the BuzzClip with household cleaning products.

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