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Seat Assist - Plus- 200-340 lb. Range

Get a Gentle Assist Up From a Seated Position
Item#: 158733

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Product Features
  • Lifts up to 70% of your body weight
  • Use with most chairs (except recliners)
  • Made of high density foam with blue fabric cover
  • Weight range for this model is 200-340 lbs.
  • Seat Dimensions: 19-in. deep x 17-in. wide

Getting up more easily can be just what's needed to get going, stay active and maintain independence! A lifting seat can help if you or a loved one has difficulty getting up from a seated position, but can walk unassisted once standing, with or without a walking aid.

The UPEASY Seat Assist is a portable, self-powered lifting seat that offers a stable horizontal seating surface to lift and lower you gently and evenly. Use it on sofas, restaurant seats, theater seats, patio chairs, kitchen chairs, armchairs and more. (Note: Not for use with recliners/reclining chairs).

Simply select one of the six settings closest to your weight and the UPEASY Seat Assist is ready to use. The non-slip material bottom ensures it stays in place and doesn't shift. The hydro-pneumatic piston slowly, automatically lifts up to 70-percent of your weight.

Portable lifting seats use patented LeveLift Technology to curve the seat as it lifts resulting in a safe, stable "level lift" with no forward dumping.

Who can benefit from lifting seats?
- Those with mild to moderate difficulty standing from a seated position.
- People who have arthritis, ALS, Parkinson's Disease or other neuromuscular disorders.
- Those who want to maintain their independence.

Why choose Lifting Seats?
- To stay active, independent and get up when you choose.
- Relieve sore joints and reduce strain on muscles for more comfort.
- Versatile with portable and chair models for different needs.
- Saves your strength for other important activities.
- Comfortable, affordable and they work!

- Made with high density, polyurethane foam
- Comes with blue fabric cover
- Weight Range: 200-340 lb (91-154 kg)
- Base Dimensions: 16-in. deep x 15-in. wide
- Seat Dimensions: 19-in. deep x 17-in. wide
- Seat Height (open): 10-in.
- Seat Height (Flat): 2-in.
- Product Weight: 9 lbs
- Shipping Weight: 10 lbs
- One Year Limited Warranty

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